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About us

Efficient and high-value healthcare is a daily necessity of each individual and society in general. Nowadays, Healthcare systems around the world are making great strides in technological, scientific and clinical innovations and this requires modern programs that will ensure adequate and in time healthcare that is financially sustainable at the same time. Success is possible through a migration to more personalized healthcare, focused on interpersonal diversities, that encourages innovation and incorporates advanced clinical knowledge into decision-making. All enabled by a standardized quality assurance system.
Promeritus consulting was established in 2010 as a company for consulting and services management. Our core competencies comprise health consultancy and the main activities and services are directed toward pharmaceutical industry sector and clients’ consultancy. In meeting the needs of clients the priority has been given to delivering highly customized health services with professionalism and integrity. Part of our activities is related to education by inspiring the benefit of prevention for public health and quality of life improvement.
High quality health services imply partnership between patients and healthcare professionals. That contributes in satisfaction and assurance on both sides and establishment of profound understanding and confidence. Our objective is to streamline health organizations for improving their efficiencies and health practice standards for meeting their quality assurance compliance obligations.
Company, in accordance with the client’s needs, works with many individuals who are recognized and known in its area of operation. We do insist on team work. By utilizing different aspects in a team, more creative solutions are generated, leading to better results and making sure that our customer service and quality of care meets our high standards.

Our mission and vision


Our mission is to challenge each opportunity by combining innovation; high quality standards and team of exceptional professionals in order to deliver the right result that brings lasting value to our clients.


Through the creation and transmitting of the innovative knowledge, we would like to improve healthcare and to become recognized partner in the region.


We respect each person
Because we are passionate about building strong connections that fuel our shared success.

We commit to service excellence
Because we are committed to our standards of service excellence and dedicated to exceeding the expectations of those we serve

We believe in the power of collaboration
Because we know that working together yields inspiring results.

We encourage unconventional thinking
Because we know our creativity and ingenuity can help us translate ambitions into reality.

We embrace responsibility
Because we have a profound sense of commitment to our clients, colleagues and the world around us.

Our services






Getting a second medical opinion can fill an important emotional need as well as establishing medical needs and treatment goals. By providing an additional perspective on the illness, second opinions can help identify additional options, confirm diagnoses, clarify treatment plans, and even catch errors.
Promeritus consulting is using a unique solution for patients’ healthcare needs known as DRUGI doktor. Our service offers a medical consultancy for individuals and families that enable comprehensive and highly personalized and professional service with benefits. In executing our service, we are collaborating with a number of medical doctors – experts and allied health professionals, to provide diagnoses and recommend treatment plans based on the latest medical research.
The reports we provide for you can include a wide variety of important information:
- related to condition information;
- treatments and therapies options based on the latest clinical studies and research;
- possible side effects and complications associated with specific treatments;
- current clinical trials and criteria for participation;
- reference sources such as medical societies; associations, support groups etc.
People cannot achieve their fullest health potential unless they are able to take control of those things which determine their health. This includes a secure foundation in a supportive environment, access to information, skills and opportunities for making choices.
Empower yourself with information that can help you in your long-term healthcare decisions.

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Medical Affairs


Quality, in the healthcare industry, is achieved when services are accessible, provided in an efficient manner and are cost-effective.
Promeritus consulting provides, within the medical affairs, consultancy and services related to the clinical development and pharmacovigilance.
We have provided professional, organizational, and technical support for:
- Preparation of documents for clinical research,
- Statistical analysis and data processing,
- Writing Clinical Trial Report,
- Writing professional/ scientific papers – preparing for publication,
- Development of a Clinical expert report,
- providing responsibility of Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance
- Create or adapt a Detailed description of the Pharmacovigilance system
- Development of Risk Management Plan,
- Generation of Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSUR)

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Regulatory affairs






Successful healthcare systems must encourage innovation, provide access to more complete patient information and incorporate advanced clinical knowledge into clinical decision making.
Regulatory affairs include activities, consultancy and services needed for approval, renewal or modification of the marketing authorization for medicines, medical devices, foods for special medical needs and dietary supplements.
In accordance with applicable regulatory requirements in the Republic of Croatia, we offer our clients:
- Preparation of registration documents,
- Translation of product information and the accompanying documentation,
- Patient information leaflet readability testing and
- Supervision during the registration process (communication and contacts with regulatory bodies dealing with complaints)

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Pharmacoeconomic analysis


Rising prices for pharmaceuticals and medical procedures, combined with pressure on national health care systems and managed care organizations to better control medical costs, have raised the prominence of pharmacoeconomic analysis.
Pharmacoeconomic studies supplement clinical trials of new drugs and treatments by taking costs into consideration. Analysis concerns itself not only with the efficacy of new drugs and medical treatments, but with the costs of these therapies weighed against their benefits. By assessing costs and benefits, pharmacoeconomic analysis helps gauge the efficiency of medical advances.
Promeritus consulting conducts pharmacoeconomic research to assist clients for Reimbursement list submission at the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance, which include:
• searching scientific literature;
• Analysis of collected epidemiological and available public health data;
• Defining specific population intended for the treatment;
• Estimates of market size and market growth;
• development of a model – the course of disease and the status of the medical procedures involving the use of the product;
• Cost allocation – the identification of historic and current cost estimate changes, and an estimate of future costs within the indications for which the drug is submitted to the list;
• The cost-effectiveness analysis;
• Budget impact analysis;
• Sensitivity analysis;
• preparing of Expert Reports

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